How to Choose the Best Doctor to Treat Your Veins.

If you have painful, bulging varicose veins you should know that vein treatment is easier and more effective than ever before… just be sure to choose your doctor wisely.

Anytime you’re considering a surgical procedure, you owe it to yourself to get the most qualified, experienced care available.

Many people we talk to in our practice are surprised to learn that there are highly specialized areas of medical training devoted to vascular surgery, including the care of varicose veins. Two of our surgeons, Dr. Thomas D. Eskew and Dr. Ellis A. Tinsley have completed fellowship training in vascular surgery and offer our patients years of in-depth experience in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins.

When you’re ready to get relief from varicose veins, look for:

  • Specialized training, qualifications and experience in all types of venous/vascular surgery and varicose vein treatment. Ask to see a summary of the surgeon’s qualifications.
  • Experience with advanced, nonsurgical varicose vein tests and procedures, like EVLT (endovenous laser treatment).
  • A doctor who is easy to talk to, who explains your vein problem and the treatments that are available to you in detail and in language you can understand. You should feel comfortable with your vein doctor and free to ask questions.
  • A patient-friendly office that makes it easy to see your vein doctor and get the varicose vein treatment you need, with convenient appointment times, help with understanding and verifying insurance and, of course, friendly, professional service.
  • An opportunity for a no-cost and no-obligation screening or consultation, [link to Screening/signup landing page] so you can find out if you may need a vein procedure. This is also a great time to find out if you would feel comfortable moving forward with the vein center and the doctor you’re meeting with.

Finding the right surgeon is the first step toward finding relief from the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins. Call our vein specialists in Wilmington, NC to learn more about the vein procedures performed by our board-certified, fellowship trained vascular surgeons: 910-338-1990