Varicose veins are uncomfortable, embarrassing and can even present a serious threat to your health. At Wilmington Surgical Associates (WSA) in Wilmington, NC, our team includes surgical specialists with years of experience treating varicose veins. We offer the latest, minimally invasive solutions that can resolve your varicose veins without surgery.

One of the most effective, nonsurgical varicose vein treatments our specialists use is EVLT, or Endovenous Laser Treatment.  It’s a quick, in-office procedure that, for the right patient, is highly effective at resolving the heavy, achy, painful symptoms of varicose veins. Explore our EVLT FAQ, then call us to schedule a consultation with one of our four experienced surgeons.

EVLT FAQ – Wilmington Surgical Associates, Wilmington NC

How does EVLT work?

EVLT is performed through a small catheter containing an infrared optical fiber. The light energy in the fiber heats the inside of the vein being treated, which causes it to shut down, relieving you of the physical symptoms and unattractive appearance of varicose veins.

How long does EVLT take?

Treatment typically lasts about 45 minutes, and is performed in the comfort of our Wilmington NC office.

Does EVLT hurt?

You’ll have a local anesthetic for this procedure. Most people experience little or no pain.

How long does recovery take after EVLT?

Most people can return to normal activity quickly after treatment. Your WSA vein specialist will give you complete post-procedure information and be here for you with any questions or concerns you may have afterward.  You will need to return for a follow up appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of the EVLT procedure.

Will my insurance cover EVLT?

Most insurance plans cover treatment because varicose veins can be a serious health issue. The WSA Vein Center staff will be happy to help you verify if your insurance policy covers the cost of varicose vein treatment.

What kind of doctor should perform EVLT?

At the Vein Center at Wilmington Surgical Associates, the doctors who perform EVLT are experienced, board-certified surgeons, all with advanced fellowship training. To learn more about the The Vein Center surgeons, visit… [:

How can I find out more about this procedure and if I need varicose vein treatment?

To schedule a consultation with one of the Vein Center surgeons, simply call 910-338-1990. No referral is needed, and the Vein Center team will be able to schedule your consultation very quickly – even same day, if desired!