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EVLT in Wilmington, NC – nonsurgical varicose vein solutions

Varicose veins are uncomfortable, embarrassing and can even present a serious threat to your health. At Wilmington Surgical Associates (WSA) in Wilmington, NC, our team includes surgical specialists with years of experience treating varicose veins. We offer the latest, minimally invasive solutions that can resolve your varicose veins without surgery. One of the most effective, […]

Vein specialists in Wilmington, NC.

How to Choose the Best Doctor to Treat Your Veins. If you have painful, bulging varicose veins you should know that vein treatment is easier and more effective than ever before… just be sure to choose your doctor wisely. Anytime you’re considering a surgical procedure, you owe it to yourself to get the most qualified, […]

Rudy C

“My experiences and treatment at Wilmington Surgical Associates have always been good, and I want to praise the vascular diagnostics, especially. I’d recommend WSA to anyone needing their services.” — Rudy C., age 75

Family Practice Physician

“When one of my patients needs a surgeon, whether it’s for surgery or just a consultation or second opinion, I send them to the only place I would send my family: Wilmington Surgical Associates.” — Family Practice Physician, Wilmington, NC

Physician Assistant

“I have worked as an orthopaedic physician assistant over the past 20 years in Wilmington. When we’ve needed a postoperative patient evaluated to rule out DVT or needed a preoperative vascular clearance, Wilmington Surgical Associates have always been there. They’ve always had an open-door policy and have treated our patients with expertise and compassion. I […]


“Wilmington Surgical Associates is the premier surgical group in southeastern North Carolina. They provide high-quality surgical care in a timely and efficient manner encompassing a broad array of general surgical services. Heaven forbid that I need surgical care. But if I do, I would want to be cared for by Wilmington Surgical Associates. (My wife […]

Linda D.

“My experience at Wilmington Surgical was so comforting. I was very nervous about having surgery, but everyone there made me feel more relaxed. I knew I was in good hands and that I would be treated with great care. And I was.” — Linda D.

Tonya P.

“After my second pregnancy, I was left feeling very insecure about my legs. Dr. Eskew and Laura did a wonderful job and made me feel very comfortable.” — Tonya P., age 32