Vein Screening Events at The Vein Center at Wilmington Surgical

Are you at risk for varicose veins? Find out!

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At The Vein Center at Wilmington Surgical Associates, we want to make it easy for you to get a vein screening and learn how we can help you get relief from problem veins and the heaviness, aching, restlessness and burning or itching sensations they may cause.

We periodically conduct varicose-vein screening events, where our vein specialists perform free screenings to determine your risk and to guide you toward the next steps to getting the relief you want… and the great-looking and great-feeling legs you deserve!

Call for dates of upcoming screenings… along with other events, learning opportunities and more.



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1404 Medical Center Drive  |  Wilmington, NC 28401

Space is limited! Schedule your screening now!


Screening appointments fill up fast, so call (910) 787-1007 today to schedule your visit for this event. Or you can schedule a regular appointment online.